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ATL set comfort for long trips or chill days!

What do we do

We offer a range of essential services throughout the entire process, from start to finish

  • Making Pattern

  • Making Samples

  • Fabrics Cutting

  • Sewing

  • Quality Control

  • Packing

You could choose the design, fabrics, and color, as we value our clients' skills, style, and creativity. To support this, we offer additional services such as color dying, tie-dye, embroidery, and printing, through reliable partners who have worked with us for years. However, any other services that are outside of our essential services will be charged depends on the needs.

Our Services including

  • Sourcing fabric and trim.

  • Artistic yardage fabric embellishment with batik, screen printing, and more.

  • Dyeing and finishing solid color fabric.

  • Pattern making with paper or CAD for precise designs.

  • Sample creation, production, and quality control for flawless outcomes.

  • Precise placement screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery.

  • Hand-sewn attachment of beads, rhinestones, and sequins.

  • Distinct distressing washes and finishes: Bio Enzyme, Acid wash, Stone wash.

  • Woven and printed labels for branding and identification.

  • Hang tags made of paper.

  • Screen print film production.

  • Packing & delivery.

Tie Dye Fabric Processing
Worn with confidence - Original Leisure Shirt in signature Colombo print.

Our threads and styles

  • Women's wear.

  • Resort wear.​​

  • Men's wear.

  • T-shirts.

  • Crew necks & Hoodies.

  • Active wear (no underwire)

  • Swimwear & bikinis  (no underwire)

  • Batik.

  • Crochet.

  • Cover ups & Kaftans.

  • Some types of canvas bags

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