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Fabric Sourcing, Printing & Dyeing

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Fabric Selection

  • Merry Garment Bali manufacturing will organise all your fabric sourcing, yardage printing and solid colour dyeing.

  • We source most of our fabric locally within Indonesia.

  • Most fabrics are readily available to source in Indonesia with the exception of thick winter (wool and furs) and certain polyesters. Our commonly used fabrics incorporate Rayons, viscose, linens, cotton, silk, nylon, lyrca and a large range of blends in both knitted or woven.

Fabric and Digital Print

  • We have our own in house Digital Sublimation printer through our partners.

  • Our printing is the perfect solution for your collection.

  • We have printed fabric for many labels.

  • We are able to source just the right fabric for your garment needs from our trusted suppliers, and print to a high quality resolution onto the fabric.

Digital printing from our partner for our client

Screen Printing for Fabric

  • We print fabric in short or large rolls. Low minimum flat bed screen is popular.

Screen Priting Factory of our Partner
Screent Printing Process
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